Beth helped my husband and l stage our apartment prior to putting it on the market. We were moving our family across the country and l was 9 months pregnant at the time, so l was desperate for help. Beth did not disappoint. She stepped in without hesitation and made the transition from a cluttered apartment to a spacious, clean and attractive ready for an open house.

We had over 50 pretties in at the first open house and l give much of that credit to Beth. The pictures turned out amazing and the response to the apartment was fantastic. Beth goes the extra mile when working with clients, and, for me, it was when she made me lay down and offered to make me a cup of tea while she read my daughter a story, and then proceeded to finish the staging. l cannot thank her enough for her hard work at attention to detail and would recommend her to anyone who is looking to sell their property and needs staging help.

Christine G. - Park Slope, Brooklyn


The easiest way to describe Beth's work is "magical." We were so pleasantly shocked at what she was able to accomplish to spiff up our condo with only a few tweaks and touches. Because of Beth's contributions, we were put in a great position to showcase our place and, most importantly, maximize our value in the sale!

Rachel W. - Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Myself, Husband and 2 year old daughter, also pregnant with our second had grown out of our 2 bedroom Cobble hill Apt and were ready to sell up. Beth came in and decluttered our space, helped me take on the task of sifting out years of junk we'd been holding onto, changed the floorpan, and helped suggest furniture to update the new layout keeping in mind we would become a family of four . She basically transformed our once overwhelmingly cluttered and cramped home into a joy to come-home-to new space.

We fell in love with our home again and decided not to sell. We plan to have her back to help with paint colors.

Thanks Beth, truly amazing, and a joy to work with.

Mark and Allison. K - Cobble Hill, Brooklyn








Beth has an amazing eye and sensibility when it comes to design. She's very clever with spaces and layouts, and understanding how to bring one's individual style or vision to life to create beautiful home environments. Her resources and ideas are abundant and invaluable. The home design process can be at times overwhelming with the number of choices one must make, but Beth's expertise makes it exciting and enjoyable Beth is decisive, quick, flexible, and a great partner in putting together rooms or entire homes that inspire.
Margo - Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. N.Y


I wanted to recommend Beth Gibson if you are looking for design help.  We recently moved from Brooklyn to Pelham, and we were looking for some design advice on a limited budget. Beth was very flexible and easy to work with.  She was full of ideas and gave us some really great suggestions.  She is also terrific with outdoor garden spaces.  She has helped make our new place feel like a home. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is in a new space, or is looking to change up an existing one.  

Lauren G. - Brooklyn-to-Pelham, NY


Recently purchased a junior 1-bedroom in pre-war building.  East facing windows to Central Park and classic moldings with hard-wood floors instantly made me fall in love with the apartment.  However, I had no idea how to make the place flow better with my existing furniture.  

This is where Beth worked her magic.  My friend, Rick, recommended her based after Beth helped stage his condo to sell.  Not only did Beth somehow make my furniture feel like new pieces, but she also made my apartment look and feel "bigger",  I just never thought of placing and using my furniture, from big items like a couch to small decorations like a sculpture, in the way Beth recommended.  Amazing!

The fact that Beth did all this while being funny, warm and professional turned a procrastinated project into an absolute joy.  I have recommended her to numerous family and friends; plan to bring her back for a spring spruce-up and purge.

Jim A. - Upper Westside, NYC


Saying that Beth works magic is kind of an understatement. She walks into a space and gives subtle suggestions and you can see the space transform from something cold, uncomfortable and lifeless to something homey, inviting and charming. It's truly amazing. And she meets you where you are - she can adjust her suggestions to your budget. For example, she can suggest stuff from Target and Ikea and make a space look fantastic. It's like apartment therapy on steroids! And she's a pleasure to be around to boot!

Jessica.B. - Dumbo Brooklyn -to - Port Washington, N.Y

Beth Gibson is a majestic Unicorn in New York. She is the rarest of designers; someone with a keen design eye and a strong aesthetic all of her own, yet with an innate ability to reflect her clients very personal preferences in her design suggestions.

She is highly intuitive and knows how to strike a perfect balance of professional designer ideas with touches that make a house feel like a home.

 If you are someone that already feels comfortable with your own taste in design, but just needs someone to help pull it all together, she ís your gal! If you are someone that needs someone to help you do everything from A to Z, she ís also the best! And if that all weren't enough, she ís also just the loveliest, warmest, most authentic person you will ever meet.

It ís a high likelihood you wíll end up calling her a friend after the process is complete. She ís an absolute joy to work with, and it ís infectious to be around someone who loves what they do. I can not recommend her highly enough so please feel free to call if you'd like to hear more! She is the reigning queen of the fresh start and and I for one feel very blessed to have her magic touch all around me

JL Parker - Flatiron District, NYC


i'd been living in a rental apartment for about four years - post divorce - when i stumbled on a place that i considered buying.

i came damn close before deciding that it didn't make sense for a host of reasons - financial and otherwise.

instead, i decided i'd fix up my apartment which was furnished with odds and ends from my married life, castoffs from friends, and found objects from film shoots.

in short, though i like the apartment, it was a mess -- no rhyme nor reason to what i had or how it was laid out.  

i knew it could be so much better --- nicer stuff and a better use of space -- but i also knew i didn't want to do it myself.

thankfully, a friend recommended beth, and working with her turned into an incredibly fun, satisfying summer project.

i liked how she listened to me and what i had in mind; how she was so respectful of my budget; how she took charge while giving me lots of choices; and how great her taste is.

in short, my living space is transformed. i went from liking my apartment to loving it. and it's now truly my space -- decorated with pieces that i feel connected to and enjoy every day. and, beth designed the apartment so i'm taking advantage of all sorts of new parts of it in a way that i so appreciate for myself and for my kids.

thanks, beth.

Dan K. - Hastings-on-Hundson, NY



Beth is a life saver!

I reached out to Beth after hearing many great recommendations on Bococa parents. I live in a two floor rental with my husband and two kids that was in desperate need of a makeover.  

I was feeling as if all of our furniture was in the wrong places, that we were being eaten alive by toy clutter and other common challenges for families living in a city. 

Beth not only came in and turned this place around in such a short amount of time, she continued to inspire me as she educated me on ways to continue to improve the space on my own moving forward. 

Beth swooped in here with such a calm, intelligent, honest, kind presence. I never once felt judged for my furniture choices or decor. Beth had a number of ideas in ways to tackle things and was totally open to suggesting various tiers of cost so I didn't have to break the bank. 

I highly recommend Beth and hope you are lucky enough to work with her!

Kristen W - Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn