2 Hour Consults

This is a great way to get some direction and design advice when it comes to the garden space. Even if you have a good eye, its always great to throw another set into the mix.

This particular client had a fab interior, very modern/sleek, clean lines and muted colors throughout the indoor living space, with furniture to match the aesthetic.

They wanted a space outdoors not nessesarily for the kids, as they live a stones throw away from Carroll park, but a space for the adults to relax or entertain in. They said it had not been something they were enthused about with the garden looking in its present shape. Having just finished a whole renovation on the house, they wanted to be able to revamp their garden, but be able to keep the costs down.

So l spent a good couple of hours bouncing ideas around, moving/rejecting furniture, suggestions in regards to moving existing plantings along with idea's of what to add. I gave them resources to help with the design elements of the space, and plenty of encouragement for them to get the ball rolling.

l spoke with them both this past week and they are almost done with the renovation outdoors. They are entertaining and having well earned rest time in the garden. What could be better!

l will pop by this week to take some pictures.

Watch this space.


Beth GibsonComment