Be a Dear...Draw me a bath.

Epsom Salts.


Springtime comes around and out come the Epsom my garden anyway.

My Grandfather used them, my Dad used them....l use them.

Just a Sprinkle on everything first thing March/April and everything gets a little pixie dust.

Its the magnesium and sulfur that does the trick. 

Granted plain old garden lime is a heck of a lot cheaper and works faster than eggshells. But the dusty lime flying around has never been an appealing option for me.

  • Help seeds germinate

  • Make plants grow bushier

  • Produce more flowers

  • Increase chlorophyll production

  • Improve phosphorus and nitrogen uptake

So next time your walking down aisle 3 at the Pharmacy, pop a couple of cartons in your basket.

Two for the garden....and one for your aching back post Spring time clean of your Plot.  

Be a Dear..... and draw me a bath!

Beth GibsonComment