I don't mind sharing...

Ok, so obviously l have a bit of a thing for red lipstick…yet have never quite hit the nail on the head finding *MY* colour.

With a good 15 or so in the reject purse..... and quite frankly l felt a bit of a plonker wearing most of them.  Seems I had it all wrong!


Proof: Last night I popped into the city to support the beautiful and talented Alayne Patrick who owns Layla - who just opened up yet another exquisite space in ABC Carpet and Home (pinball moment all-round for her l say) in Union square. 

Anyhoo it was the opening night and while feasting my eyes over her stunning shop a lady came over and commented on my lipstick. Before you knew it two other ladies had overhead the conversation and managed to kick-off a 15 minute banter on what are the best reds for certain skin tones, size of lips, etc…..l was thrilled to see them get so energetic….with a glass of wine in hand l my add….over lipstick!

If like me you have a dark skin tone -- the consensus was -- Orange reds are the way to go.


A bit pricey for a lippy @$28, but l reckon given its matte…it lasts longer than the competition.

Pop a little bright jolly on your lips and spirits will be lifted - if you find the right colour that is!

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