Lead me not into temptation..

NY-NJ-PA- NY - through the states..

Crikey, two hours into my drive and I was a basket case! Every little town, hamlet, village had their own little flea markets, farm stands, old streamer like dinners. If I didn't have the dogs I would likely have a car full of treasures and 20lb's worth of Jersey Corn, Tomatoes...along with anything else that's cropping right now. Everything looked amazing. And I was desperate to take snaps at every turn..
Swaths of Loosestrife hugged the roadside, and lakes it seemed at every turn. A perfect way to start my adventure upstate.

If you have a free Sunday afternoon coming up and like to have a good mouch about - Hit Route 206 North of the city in N.J and take the same drive I did.
Prepare to make lots of stops.
My advice... Leave the kids/dogs at home....
Have fun!

Beth GibsonComment