Rooftop Gardens - I'm Parched!

 A rooftop garden can feel like taking post in the Gobi Desert to most plants here in the summer months.

It gets crazy hot....crazy!

Here are a couple of mindful tips to help your little or large additons feel well looked after and thrive through the blistering heat..


  • Improve the soil by introducing organic matter to add nutrients and hold water.
  • Choose suitable plants and zone them appropriately.
  • Get huge pots.  You want plenty of room in there so the roots dont bunch up to the edge of the planter and frazzle.
  • Mulch the soil after planting 3-5" with organic compost will retain moisture, prevent weed growth and keep roots cool.  l like to lawyer a couple of  wet newspaper sheets under the mulch....just for some extra assurance.  Especially if you are going to be away for a long weekend.
  • Create Microclimates By sheltering the garden from heat and wind, you will create microclimates that nurture the plants. 
  • Planning to be away You will be surprised at how many people will go on holiday and completely forget about watering their garden.  Pay one of the next door neighbours kids to come over everyday( early morning, or after sundown) to make some extra pocket money?  All your long term efforts will be thwarted leaving the garden high and dry for more than a couple of days.

My hat goes off to the Roof top gardeners. It takes some really stick-to-it-ive-ness to keep it well watered and happy.  Kudos!

Beth GibsonComment