Nigel Slater-Tender

After a visit to my local trusty bookstore- Bookcourt (a shelter from the downpour this morning). l made many purchases. One has stuck out more than the others. Nigel Slater -Tender. Stunning book, ridiculously fantastic recipes, beautiful,beautiful photo's, but what stuck out the most was the very first page.  What a beautiful, poetic start to a book. Its a keeper!


First Page

adj soft enough for the teeth to go through easily: the point at which something is ready to eat:

the leaves of a bunch of spinach, a ripe fig. Soft or delicate in substance. Not hard of tough.

Ripe Ripe and ready to eat. Yielding readily to pressure. Fragile. Of a delicate nature:so soft as to be hurt, crushed or broken easily. Requiring careful handling: a tender subject.Affectionate . Benevolent; compassionate: careful. With gentle feeling.  Showing care, gentleness, sensitivity, and feeling. 

Botantical. Needing protection from hard weather, especially frost and cold.


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