Tradition with a kick back.....


Before every road trip l take a quick zip into town to make two stops. First to the Nespresso store for my little coffee capsules....then pop to Dean and Deluca a block away on the corner of Broadway/Prince for the best,,,,, and cheapest sushi in town (in my opinion) and more importantly a couple of sweetie jars for the littles. Its tradition for the trip!


A fun little treat that once done - double up as a wee snack jar. Great to pop in the kids lunchbox filled with mini crackers, carrot sticks, nuts and berries, and on friday's filled with sweeties - Another tradition. 

Been Hypo-glycemic l always have one filled with almonds and cranberries - ready to go in my bag if my blood sugar drops while on the run.  


They only cost $2.45 ($4.75 for a larger one) and l reckon well pay for themselves given how indestructible they are and the every day use they get. Plus the yummy treats that come inside when purchased.

You could recycle them to store your spices, change jar, pins in your sewing name it.  

Hey, and you get lunch and treats for under $10...with a walk around Soho for some eye candy.

Pinballs.... !



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